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Thanks for stopping and checking out Best Before End Date.

Just a little update before we go any further …  errmmm I’ve won a blog award!!! Best Newcomer 2017 at the Vuelio Blog Awards. Woo hoo!!  Read a bit more about it from the awards night post I wrote up.


Back to my intro … My name is Sharon, I’m 55 and embracing everything that midlife throws at me.

This is my little space where I talk about my views and experiences on midlife — warts and all. I have two grown up sons and a wonderful husband who I refer to as Mr. B. We’ve been together 32 years and celebrated our silver wedding anniversary in 2017.

I started this blog in mid February 2017 and as of November 2017 I am deliriously happy that I can now call it ‘award winning!’

I use it to talk about life in an empty nest, travelling, eating out, beauty, fashion, issues I feel strongly about and family. We still love holidays with our kids. There’s something about travel as four adults that I love.

The menopause.

Notice how I gave that it’s own line? Oh yes .. lots to share about that.

We are busy renovating a Victorian semi so expect tales of woe about the boiler, draughts and a leaky roof but also a love of tiles, cushions and sofas.

Oh, and my gallery wall that I’ve recently started putting together. I’m so Instagram!

Oh and gin — I like it a lot. 🍸


P.S. My kids think it’s hilarious that I chose a blog name where the letters actually look like a bed —- Bbed — I have a feeling they are trying to tell me something …. zzzzz


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