All I Want For Christmas From Instagram & Shopping Small

All _I _Want _For _Christmas _Because _Of _Instagram

I realise this post may come across as a little shallow but if you keep reading you’ll realise it’s far from it. I’ve learned about so many small businesses and indie brands this past year through being active on Instagram.

Whilst it’s a great place to keep up with all the latest from my favourite high street and well known brands its also  encouraged me to shop small so much more than I ever have.

I use Instagram to curate all of my fabulous finds.

I wondered if like me you use the ‘save’ option. It enables me to save things on the go as they pop up in my feed. This is what my saved posts look like at the moment … definitely Christmas top heavy.

I have; Interiors, Lights, Bathrooms, Wallpaper, Pretty Things, Carpets, Quotes, Places, Tiles, Fashion Inspo, Beauty, Hairstyles, Walls, Books, Christmas, Kitchens,Holidays Abroad, Hotels, Work Ideas and Recipes.

It’s a bit like looking inside someone’s head .. very eclectic. It reminds me of when I used to leaf through magazines and tear out the pages. All of our old skool actions get replicated online don’t they? It’s fascinating.


All _I _Want _For _Christmas _Because _Of _Instagram

When the family have asked me what do I want for Christmas I should’ve sent them a copy of my ‘saved’ posts.  I think Instagram should update the feature for us all to be able to share collections like we can with our posts, don’t you?

In the spirit of sharing some of the lovely businesses that I’ve come across because of this I thought I’d share some of the fabulous things I’d like to acquire … if money was no object of course I’d support them all!

Instagram _Christmas _Collage

  1. Joan Heels by Minna Paprikka
  2. Lisa Eldridge Velvet Ribbon — sadly I missed the launch boat and they all sold out.
  3. Urban Decay Naked Cherry Collection
  4. Bombshell Tartan Confidence Dress– if by any chance I get shortlisted for the UK Blog Awards then I will be wearing one of these to the event. A girl can dream can’t she?
  5. I Know The Queen glitter bags
  6. Age of Reason Iconic Lips Tee


Instagram _Christmas_Gifts _Collage

  1. Emma Hardie. I’ve not tried anything from this British skincare brand yet but hopefully I will in 2019.
  2. Know Your Style by journalist and midlife influencer, Alyson Walsh.
  3. Collagin Rose – what’s not to love about a pink, collagen infused gin?
  4. SVP Jewellery Ruby Quartz Ring – I have a feeling Santa knows about this one. He can bring gold or silver. Either will do 😉
  5. Christmas Votive Candles Trio. One for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and then Boxing Day in three fabulous festive fragrances.
  6. Celestina Hi Tops by Keith Scarrott. I would be happy with practically everything this Cheltenham based shoe store sells!

I Couldn’t Talk About Self Gifting Or Wish Lists Without Mentioning Prints Could I?

My prints collection and gallery wall has come a long way since I first introduced it here.

Instagram _Christmas _Collage _PrintsI’d like to add more after all we have a lot of walls, but especially;

  1. Queen Elizabeth Bubblegum Art by Sassy Luke  over on Etsy.
  2. Queen Victoria Skull Print by ink&drop— I think I would go for their largest size to really make an impression.
  3. Studio27 – absolutely any of these colourful prints. They do the most amazing up cycled furniture, too.
  4. New Icons Of Print – pretty difficult to single any out here, too .. all lush.


My eldest son, Dex asked me this evening how come I was just writing my Christmas list on the blog  and yet I’d asked everyone else what they wanted as far back as the end of October? I replied back, ‘that’s called being a mum’!!



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  1. December 17, 2018 / 7:15 am

    I voted! I want to see you in that fabulous tartan dress!

    • Sharon Sinclair.Williams
      December 17, 2018 / 8:33 am

      It’s a deal, Nancy even though probably a pipe dream .. a dream nonetheless xox

    • Sharon Sinclair.Williams
      December 17, 2018 / 2:37 pm

      Bless you, lovely Nancy! I can dream! xo

  2. December 17, 2018 / 12:23 pm

    Love these ideas. Such unique gifts and supporting small businesses is always great! Melis

    • Sharon Sinclair.Williams
      December 17, 2018 / 2:36 pm

      I’ve just heard this morning that Facebook are looking at allowing brands to target their ads based on ‘saved’ posts. I’ll be a marketer’s dream!

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