My Lifestyle Blog Is Celebrating A Four Year Birthday Milestone


How did my little place on the web, my midlife, lifestyle blog, get to reach its four year old birthday milestone? It feels like 5 minutes ago.  As I write this on the 7th February I realise I have another milestone to celebrate. Today is 35 years since I met the love of my life .. Mr B. I can’t believe that I write those two numbers together … 3 and 5 .. 35. Wow!

Anyway, in the spirit of all  things celebratory I’ve got my very first giveaway to launch tonight  over on Instagram. So many things link together on this post.

I’m collaborating with the very talented Andy from  Add Subtract Art.

He’s giving away a fabulous George Michael print to my followers as a blog birthday treat for us all. I got to know Andy through Mr B. They don’t actually know each other but the connection is that Mr B bought me this 60X80 print ‘Faith is Not Enough’ for Christmas from Andy’s print shop. Isn’t it a beauty?

Faith _Is _Not_Enough_George_Michael_Print_Giveaway


Discovering Andy’s work courtesy of Mr B I knew I wanted more of it. I started chatting with him on Instagram and decided that I’m going to make a feature of George and some of Andy’s other prints on our first floor landing when we finish the upstairs renovations  this year. I cannot wait. Look  .. like this Bowie one.



I’m so happy that my blog turns four on February 11th and that it’s still actually here. So many bloggers have given up their blogs to concentrate solely on Instagram and Tik Tok over the last couple of years but I love the written word and don’t think I’ll ever give it up even though sometimes my writing is a bit intermittent. I like that it can last, too. Social media seems so fast and transient to me as much as I enjoy it.

Admittedly, the blog part of me has fallen by the wayside from time to time when life has taken over.  I started it in 2017 as a way to escape a job where I was really unhappy and at a time when my menopause symptoms were at their height. Since then I have left the day job and have been 3 years in my own business which I am loving every step of the way. I can also report that after several iterations of finding the best HRT for me and being 3 years further on my menopause  journey ,at almost 58 that life is a lot different in so many ways.

Sometimes, I forget why I came here and then I do something lovely like writing this and this collab with an amazing small business and it reminds me how it makes me buzz. I’ve met so many interesting, wonderful  people because of it and had some fabulous, fun experiences.

We all want more of that don’t we? Especially right now, right?


So, thankyou for hanging around and bearing with me and helping me achieve my blog birthday milestone especially when I don’t write for a while on occasion. For reading and commenting on my varied  lifestyle posts. It means a lot. Please enter the giveaway. It’s a gorgeous, colourful print and lets face it who doesn’t love a bit of George?

The giveaway is on Instagram only and opens at 7pm on Sunday 7th February and ends at 11pm on Sunday 14th February. Head over there to take part but in the meantime lots of love and stay safe as always.

Sharon xo


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