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Lest We Forget 100 Years 2018 | Midlife Musings

I want to use my blog to signify important things in my life. Days like today make me reflect and so although I hadn’t planned…

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I’m Practicing My Resting Grinch Face. Want To Join Me?

Image Credit: TheGrinchMovie.co.uk I don’t so much have a ‘resting Grinch face’ but I definitely think I have a Grinch attitude. My very first post…

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The Menopause & Me

This Is My Fed Up Face. Can You Tell? When I first started this blog I said that I would use it as a place…

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Do You Believe In Setting Goals For Something You Want To Achieve?

Kurt Geiger Kensington Rainbow Bag £199 GOALS Do you ever set yourself a goal or a series of goals? I’m a big to do list…

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Date Night At Oi Polloi Bar & Restaurant, Yarm, North Yorkshire

I don’t know about you but our date nights come in fits and starts. Every time we have one though, we always say ‘lets not…

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Not Being Negative Here But Being Excluded Ain’t A Nice Feeling

I’ve never wanted my blog or my social channels to be negative places. I can get negativity most places any day of the week but…

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What It’s Like Being A Woman In Your Fifties

Generally, when people meet me they are surprised I’m in my mid fifties. I’ll be 55 in May. I don’t think it’s because I’m particularly…

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