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Tried & Tested Beauty Products .. Some I Love & Some Not So Much.

Also Sharing My Silver Hair Journey



Resting Grinch Face, Simple Midlife Skincare & Managing The Menopausal Itch

Yes I’m talking about holiday skincare in December. I think because we had a holiday in the sun so late in the year I am…

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Beauty Products Tried, Tested & Purchased | July 2019

I’ve been talking lots more about beauty products recently, it seems. I’ve always tried to look after my skin but I think I’m definitely interested…

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My First Ever Beauty Box | The M&S Summer Beauty One

As much as I’ve always used beauty products I could never be a stand alone beauty blogger. I mean, look, this is my first ever…

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Dermalux LED Treatment At Saks Beauty Northallerton

Here I am prepped and ready to have my very first Dermalux LED Treatment At Saks Beauty in Northallerton. Honestly, blogging has made me braver…

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My Pink Hair Doesn’t Mean I’m Having A Midlife Crisis

I’ve often wondered if people think my pink hair is some sort of midlife crisis. Thing is, it couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve…

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‘You Smell Good’ Is One Of The Compliments I Love Being Given

One Of The Compliments I Love is When Someone Tells Me I Smell Good They usually don’t miss me as my signature scents are pretty…

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Beauty Products Tried & Tested | October 2018

You don’t see these posts as often as I’d like you to. Thing is, I love beauty products as much as the next woman but…

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