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You don’t see these posts as often as I’d like you to. Thing is, I love beauty products as much as the next woman but I have one face, one body and a life!  There’s only so many products you can use/try without it being your full time job. Sadly, it’s not mine.

First up I’d like to tell you about the Rosehip Plus organic cream cleanser I was sent to try. I think I’ve mentioned before that it takes a lot to pull me away from my beloved Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish but I decided to give it a go. I’ve got to say I’ve been pleasantly surprised. It works just as well and has a super creamy texture to it. The Rosehip Plus range is from an Australian company. You can read more about their story here. It’s a lovely indulgent sensation with its creaminess. I use it with my cloth selection. The cloths I found in Primark a while ago that I absolutely love. I stock up regularly on them now.

Using cleansers like this, for years I’ve skipped straight to moisturiser or serum. It was only when I saw that Aldi were jumping on the dupe wagon again that I decided to try their Healthy Glow tonic. I’ve not noticed any difference  yet. I’m about half way through from when I took this photo. I’ve heard other people say it’s pretty good but then I’ve never tried anything from Pixie Beauty.  I know that it gets great reports from other people. I’ll keep you posted on my Instagram stories when I’ve finished the bottle.

I love nothing more than a mooch around the beauty counters. Not that I get much spare time to do it but  this month I got time to have a look around Superdrug while I was stocking up on toiletries for my holiday. You can get lost in time doing this, can’t you?

I always spend so much time looking at the Revolution stand when I’m in Superdrug. It’s amazing. Have you stumbled on this brand yet?

I didn’t need another lipstick .. really…  but at £4.00 a pop it was hard to resist. I’m normally all about the matte finish these days but I fell for this colour and to be honest I don’t have to re-apply as many times as I thought I would. Obviously, it doesn’t have the staying power of a matte lipstick but it’s not bad. I’ve even been back for the pink one called Renaissance. The one I bought initially in my photo is called Classic.


I know a lot of times in life you get what you pay for but I honestly I think as far as a beauty products are concerned these days that’s not the case. I hate being wasteful but sometimes you’ve just got to try. That’s the case with this mini Berry Velvets palette from the Primark PS range. I’m a big fan of the Urban Decay palettes. I’ve mentioned my collection a few times on here but they’re not easy to carry around with you. It isn’t really a problem because their staying power is amazing especially when used with one of their primer potions.

However, this little beauty caught my eye. It’s £3.00!! Yes you read that right. I love the colours. I always look out for these shades. They really make blue and green eyes pop. These get a big fat YES vote from me.

I get asked a lot about my silver hair on social media. How I care for it. This silver mousse is my latest find. It’s from Amazon. I’ve actually been using it for about a year but kept forgetting to feature. I’ve no idea how I first found out about it now but it’s a keeper. I did a Google search for  ‘Indola’ and it appears to be a professional hairdressers brand. I think I might try something else in the range, too. This, in the meantime is perfect for my hair. It gives it enough body to style my quiff and just a hint of colour. My hair has a mind of it’s own and is prone to change colour of it’s own accord. I think it depends on what shampoo I use and my menopausal mood hormones!


Although, not strictly beauty I’d like to give a mention to the  diffuser from I Love Cosmetics in my photos. They sent me some products to try out recently. This is the Raspberry Glaze fragrance. I am very picky when it comes to home fragrance. When you’ve been a Jo Malone fan for as long as I have it’s hard to find anything to compare. Whilst this isn’t Jo Malone it’s definitely very effective in it’s diffusing skills. I’ve moved it around the house .. the hall, the kitchen and my new downstairs loo. It’s had a few comments too, especially when it was in the hall as people came in  the door… ” Oooo, what’s that lovely smell?”


I’d definitely like to try some more of their diffusers like Elderflower Fizz and English Rose. The company aims to source as many of it’s ingredients as possible from UK suppliers and have actually just won an award at the Pure Beauty Awards 2018 for best bath and shower product. Their candles come in pretty packaging, too. I  think their whole range would make great Christmas stocking fillers or birthday gifts.

Not wanting to end my post on a negative but I’d just like to recommend that you don’t spend any of your hard earned cash on this Flawless Finish facial hair trimmer.


If you’ve followed my antics for a while you’ll know that I’ve become a fan of de-fuzzing my blonde facial hair this past year.  I documented my first escapade here..


Why I Decided To Shave My Face With A Tinkle


Like many things in life once you have done something for the first time you look to improve on it. I thought this JML facial hair trimmer was going to do that. To be that step up. Sadly, it doesn’t hit the mark and even worse it left me with stubble!!!

Not the stubble that you can see. I don’t have enough hair for that. The sort that you can feel. Not good.  My Tinkle beauties were £1.99 for a pack of three so I’m sticking with them. I’ve noticed that they aren’t as cheap any more through on Amazon. Maybe because over the past year I’ve noticed derma-planing is becoming more popular.

I know not everything is for everybody but at £20 I feel slightly robbed. I’d love to know if anyone else has tried the JML trimmer and what your thoughts are


That’s it folks … off to pack for my trip to Barcelona  next week. I’ll be covering it on my travel section when I’m back.

Adiós xo



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  1. November 4, 2018 / 10:54 pm

    I LOVE a make up post – so many heads up to investigate!!! I think I am starting with the silver mousse stuff – I have super fine curls (I look like a I am part sheep I think but it also attracts people who like to stroke me….), so that is very desirable….

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