My First Ever Beauty Box | The M&S Summer Beauty One

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As much as I’ve always used beauty products I could never be a stand alone beauty blogger. I mean, look, this is my first ever beauty box purchase. I haven’t cut my beauty box teeth yet!

Maybe I should say .. this is not just any beauty box. This is the M&S Summer Beauty Box 😉

I picked it up the very morning it launched as I visited my local store to pick up an online order. The lovely lady who served me very kindly refunded my order and then let me repurchase it so I could buy the box.

What did I do with it when I got home? Plonked it on that bedroom chair, meaning to find time to examine.

When I eventually did it’s really quite an exciting process. Unboxing. It’s a bit like Christmas, oh and why I love shopping online.

The Products Inside The Box

I liked it because some I already knew of and  have used and some were exciting new finds to try that I most likely wouldn’t have bought otherwise.

I’ve decided to save my goodies for my holiday in September as I think they’ll be perfect for a bit of downtime pampering and just the right size for packing.

It can’t be bad getting £110 worth of beauty products for £15, can it? It’s now sold out but here’s a bit of detail about each item as most can be bought individually instore and online.

Maybe the tide is turning and I might become a beauty box addict.  I might  need to investigate subscription boxes in general. I did once try a gin one. As you can imagine that was a success.

Ultrasun Face SPF30

Perfect for my travels. I’ve never used this brand. They describe it as:

Lightweight, anti-aging,  {< hate this word} water-resistant formula  that can be used in place of moisturiser and make-up primer. The UVA and UVB protection is  meant to fast absorbing with a soft matte finish, ideal for sensitive skin types. 

I’m also now liking the sound of the Anti-Pigmentation Face SPF50. See more of the range.

Ren Atlantic Kelp Body Wash

I’ll be swimming in the Atlantic so this is apt! I’m already a massive fan of Ren. I’ve used their Moroccan Rose body wash for many years.  See more of the Ren range.


This Works Perfect  Legs Skin Miracle

I’ve loved this too for many years. It not only smells divine but it really does give great coverage. I have very freckly legs and sun damage spots and I couldn’t go bare legged without this. I recently tried Sally Hansen Airbrush and it’s not a patch on this. I know everyone’s skin is different but This Works works for me.

They have a great range of hard working products… check them out.


Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo

Somehow, I think this is the one product I will be passing on but you never know.  I’ve never used a dry shampoo. As you all know, I have fairly short hair and use a fair bit of styling product and because of this I wash my hair most days. I’m kinda happy with the hair products I use at the moment. They are still pretty much the ones I talked about here although I have added a few new ones. You might be interested in checking out the Living Proof range, though.

Shay & Blue English Cherry Blossom EDP

Now this I was curious about. I do like a good scent. Remember when I wrote about getting compliments for smelling good? I’ve seen Shay & Blue in lots of magazines so to get a sample here might satisfy my curiosity about the brand. I have tried a little bit but didn’t want to use too much as wanted to save for the hols. I’ve got to say I’m loving the sound of some of the names of the other fragrances in the range and this might be my new find. Remember my other fab fragrance find from the M&S Beauty Hall? Monotheme Fragrances.

Emma Hardie Moisture Boost Vitamin C Cream

I’ve wanted to try Emma Hardie for a long time. It gets talked about and reviewed a lot on beauty blogs and vlogs. Everyone seems to rave about the brand. When I had my Dermalux LED treatment a few weeks, Kirsty advised me to use Vitamin C infused products. She said they are perfect for midlife, menopausal skin. More of the Emma Hardie range here.

Rosie for Autograph Radiance Highlighter

I’m not a big fan of highlighters but this one is described as cult classic. Anything that describes itself with the word ‘supermodel’ in I’m always wary of. It’s often just not attainable. What have me and Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley got in common? Again, one for my holiday evening makeup maybe to try. Here’s the rest of the Rosie Beauty range.

The final three products at first glance seem like they would be my least favourite items in the box:

Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels

Formula Deeply Nourishing Face Mask

Rodial Vitamin C Energising Face Mask

I’m not a fan of masks but again these are giving me the opportunity to try out and who knows? I might just be converted. Holidays are a great time to try new things when you are relaxed and have lots of time, aren’t they?


I’d love to know which beauty boxes you think are worth a try. 

Sharon xo


Sometimes my posts feature affiliate links. They do not cost you anything. Please read more about them in my disclaimer here.


  1. July 27, 2019 / 8:32 am

    I never bought a beauty box! Sounds like a huge present! Have a great weekend and I hope to see you on my Fancy Friday linkup party!

  2. July 27, 2019 / 10:59 am

    Over 60 and never purchased a beauty box. I most definitely am lazy when it comes to a beauty regime. A face wash, facial moisturiser with spf and a body moisturiser are about as far as I go. Make-up you ask? Well, in summer I am lazier than normal after the daily moisturiser it’s mascara and a dab of lipstick/gloss!

    Would love to have my personal make-up artist showing me how to apply. As for your beauty box – a bargain at half the price and an ideal way to try out all the products. Enjoy your holiday – Jill stylishatsixty

  3. July 27, 2019 / 12:48 pm

    Wow, what a bargain! All of those products for £15.00. I need to keep my eyes peeled in case they offer this again. The products all look great quality. Enjoy.
    Alison xx

  4. July 27, 2019 / 10:56 pm

    I’ve ben really happy with the SPF30 in the kit and the highlighter. It’s lovely on your shoulders with a bit of a tan and the fronts of your legs. I’m not keen on it on the face though xx

  5. August 6, 2019 / 1:17 pm

    What great goodies! Interested to hear your feedback after using the items! AND enjoy your September holiday!


    • Sharon Sinclair.Williams
      August 11, 2019 / 5:02 pm

      I’m sure I’ll mention somewhere on social if not here. Thanks, Bettye xo

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