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Tried & Tested Beauty Products .. Some I Love & Some Not So Much.

Also Sharing My Silver Hair Journey



Beauty Tried & Tested | Lumity Supplements & Facial Oil

I was kindly gifted 3 months supply of Lumity several months ago. I started using it straightaway and wanted to tell everyone about how I…

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Beauty Products Tried & Tested | March 2018

My first ‘Beauty Products Tried & Tested’ of 2018 .. don’t kill me! Here we go …Beauty Products Tried & Tested March 2018 First up…

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What’s In My Makeup Bag? | Beauty

What’s in my makeup bag? Not a lot actually because although I have many makeup bags I don’t really use them. I buy them and…

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Beauty Products Tried & Tested | December 2017

The last time I shared my tried and tested beauty products was in July. Where did that time go? I bet I’m not alone in…

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Trying Something New | Veil Cover Cream

I haven’t been to that many blogger events of any kind yet. So when I was invited to a beauty event in my home town…

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Beauty Products Used Tried & Tested | July 2017

I promised myself I would write a regular post about the beauty products I use and love but until now it hasn’t happened. At least…

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Why I Decided To Shave My Face With A Tinkle

My facial hair has been changing for a while. I haven’t grown a beard or a ‘stache. It’s something a bit more subtle than that…

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