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Tried & Tested Beauty Products .. Some I Love & Some Not So Much.

Also Sharing My Silver Hair Journey



Beauty Products Tried & Tested | December 2017

The last time I shared my tried and tested beauty products was in July. Where did that time go? I bet I’m not alone in…

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Trying Something New | Veil Cover Cream

I haven’t been to that many blogger events of any kind yet. So when I was invited to a beauty event in my home town…

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Beauty Products Used Tried & Tested | July 2017

I promised myself I would write a regular post about the beauty products I use and love but until now it hasn’t happened. At least…

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Why I Decided To Shave My Face With A Tinkle

My facial hair has been changing for a while. I haven’t grown a beard or a ‘stache. It’s something a bit more subtle than that…

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How I Look After My Grey Hair Colour

My hair has been short more than it’s been long throughout my life. Ever since my mum used to twist my hair up in pieces…

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My Love Affair With Oud & Monotheme Fragrances

I’ve got a bit of a love affair with Oud. For those of you who haven’t discovered it yet let me explain. It’s derived from…

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Phenomenal At Fifty Bloggers Talking About A Taboo Subject

I was recently invited to a ‘Phenomenal At Fifty’ event in London specifically for bloggers over the age of 50. The brand doing the inviting…

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