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My First Ever Beauty Box | The M&S Summer Beauty One

As much as I’ve always used beauty products I could never be a stand alone beauty blogger. I mean, look, this is my first ever beauty box purchase. I haven’t cut my beauty box teeth yet! Maybe I should say…

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Dermalux LED Treatment At Saks Beauty Northallerton

Here I am prepped and ready to have my very first Dermalux LED Treatment At Saks Beauty in Northallerton. Honestly, blogging has made me braver than ever. Never, EVERĀ  did I think I would publish a massive photo of me…

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My Pink Hair Doesn’t Mean I’m Having A Midlife Crisis

I’ve often wondered if people think my pink hair is some sort of midlife crisis. Thing is, it couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve coloured my hair since as long as I can remember. Either by a hairdresser or…

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‘You Smell Good’ Is One Of The Compliments I Love Being Given

One Of The Compliments I Love is When Someone Tells Me I Smell Good They usually don’t miss me as my signature scents are pretty sort of … ‘hello, I’m in the room!’ Yes, I was that 80’s girl who…

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