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I Am Enough & Learning To Let Go

For as long as I can remember throughout my adult life I’ve made resolutions at new year. Mostly they’re all about setting myself unrealistic goals that I know in my heart of hearts I will never achieve and that I…

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MY GP Sent Me for A Brain Scan For My Menopause Symptoms

Yes, the headline is correct. You’re not seeing things. I had a brain scan for my menopause symptoms. I thought long and hard about unleashing this into the universe but I’ve decided that I want to try and help make…

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What I’ve Been Reading | Sapiens: A Brief History Of Humankind

When I was younger I was a total bookworm but then adulting seemed to get in the way and now it seems I mostly read on holiday.  Then I can get through two or three books. This book, Sapiens probably…

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My First Solo Speaking Event … ‘Midlife Banter’

  It’s been a while .. sorry! The times I’ve wanted to get back to my blog but life gets in the way. Here goes though, something I was up to recently …   At the beginning of the year…

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