Falling In & Out Of Midlife Love With M&S Fashion


It’s no secret. We all know the world and his dog has fallen in and out of love with M&S fashion over what seems like a decade. Is it that long since their fashion P&L has suffered? Maybe it’s longer. It’s on record that the nation is partial to a spot of coronation chicken from the food hall and maybe the kid’s school uniform but fashion? It’s a veritable no go zone.

Thanks to Vanessa at Voguish and Calamity blog my curiosity was re-ignited when she wrote a post recently scarily entitled, ‘Facing My M&S Shopping Fears’.

I commented on her post about the fact that I couldn’t remember the last time either my 74 year old mum or I had bought a fashion item in there. The last time we’d been in together I purchased a candle and a bunch of tulips.

So she got me thinking. Give them another chance I could hear . I decided to browse online at the ‘new in’ and see if anything genuinely caught my eye that my local stores might not have.

Here goes …

Pink Tie Back Flared Sleeve Dress £45.00

I have actually seen this in store and quite like it. The back detail is divine. Only one problem —  I don’t ‘do’ dresses. I used to, but that’s a subject for a future blog post to explain.


Cotton Blend Short Sleeve Bardot Blouse £25.00

Would never wear with denim shorts though at least not these ones!


Pure Cotton Embroidered Sleeve Blouse £35.00

I am contemplating ordering this — just not sure of this side shot. She’s a size 8 and 5’7″ remember so all that volume at the back might not look so good on size 16 me.


And that as they say is all folks! Out of 355 items of current newness that was all I could like the look of. So off I clicked to the new footwear. This is what I would buy currently.

Silver Leather Block Heel Mules £55.00

Can never have too many pairs of silver shoes. I think I would wear these with above pink dress.


Multi Strap Pom Pom Sandals £35.00

Great for holidays.


Red Suede Wedge Heel Bow Back Sandals £49.50

Love red anything! These I could match with my fabourite red Lulu Guinness Lips clutch


Yellow Block Heel Court Shoes £55.00

Getting the feel for the citrus vibe.


I could probably go on with shoe choices. This is only in the latest new in  section. In fact I bought these ..

Leather Zebra Print Pump Shoes £35.00

I can report I’ve kept them and love them. The trim is bright orange though just in case you thought was red. I was hoping it was bright orange so was pleased.


I’ve never thought M&S struggled too much with footwear. When I have bought anything over last couple of years it’s either been shoes or the occasional bag but I’m sorry to say from this midlifer the fashion still gets a thumbs down overall. It is an on/off love/hate relationship, though.

I think with M & S a lot of it has to do with their in store merchandising. While there wasn’t a lot in new in that appealed to me online there was more across the site I could’ve quite easily picked. But I want to buy and be wowed instore as well and I think this is where they miss a trick. Facing row upon row of shapeless tshirts and black trousers isn’t going to inspire  anyone whatever their ages and don’t get me started on their confused brand stories.

Marksies, you’re our  British high street stalwart — we want you to stay around and be successful. C’mon someone sort it out once and for all and get some fashion synergy going on, guys!!

Anyone else feel like me? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments xoxo



  1. / 9:05 am

    Love the pink dress and the pom pom sandals, but it is a challenge shopping in there indeed. If they need people like us to go find all the good pieces between all racks of bland shapeless things, you’re right, how will they survive? With so many retailers at risk, they do need to up their game, great post 🙂

    • Sharon Sinclair.Williams
      / 7:38 pm

      Thanks Vanessa — agree, agree, agree. Wish they would hire someone who would listen to their customers. Thanks for giving me the inspo to follow on from your post 🙂

  2. Kirsty
    / 5:55 pm

    I have to say I totally love M&S and I too have done a post about them, however I do think they are hit and miss with their fashion. Some of the stuff is amazing but some items look great but their fit is awful.
    I agree with the styling of their items in store, they need to mix items up and model them so we can all be inspired!
    Great post!

    • Sharon Sinclair.Williams
      / 7:37 pm

      Thanks, Kirsty! I totally love M&S,too. Always have. It’s a brand we’ve all grown up with and that’s why I so want them to get their mojo back. It’s been lost a long time.

  3. Annette
    / 11:51 pm

    Totally agree with all comments. I have to say that I hate their website too, it is so uninspiring and does not even have their full range on there! I find it impossible to find something I have seen in store and didn’t buy but just wanted another look – as you do! Next are so much better at displaying their stock online and trying to inspire you in the way they display their wares.
    Don’t even get me started on M&S underwear – this gets worse by the day and is no longer the reliable ‘go to’ it always was. The materials used get cheaper and cheaper, the sizing of bras is unreliable and you can no longer find the same thing again if you go back a couple of months later for another bra you actually find comfortable. As for good old M&S knickers…….! Do we ladies of a certain age really want Brazilian tanga whatnots in a sheer fabric that leaves nothing to the imagination? Maybe we do if our other choice is a pair of apple catchers in white ‘boil wash’ cotton! You got me started now!
    They still do some things well, great for your winter tights, nightwear is the best, homewares are good and can be quite edgy and food is, well, not just any food!

    • Sharon Sinclair.Williams
      / 11:02 am

      Thanks for the comments, Annette – they are definitely confused and really need to sort it once and for all. I love the fact that writing this blog I find that I am on the same page as so many other midlife women .. voices that will grow 🙂 xo

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