Lest We Forget 100 Years 2018 | Midlife Musings

Midlife _Musings _Lest _We_ Forget _100 _Years _2018

Midlife _Musings _Lest _We_ Forget _100 _Years _2018

I want to use my blog to signify important things in my life. Days like today make me reflect and so although I hadn’t planned to write anything  I felt a strong urge to spill out my thoughts.

We attended our local remembrance service at The Cenotaph in Middlesbrough this morning. We’ve done this for the last couple of years ever since we’ve lived where we live now.

As You Get Older The Passage Of Time Speeds Up


I’m reading a great book at the moment that my eldest son gave me to read. It’s all about evolution. I’m going to share my thoughts here when I’ve finished it. But it really makes me think.

Two things popped into my head because in the book it talks about how so many things have happened in just the past 500 years. Today we were talking about a 100  of those 500 years. I’ve been on this planet 55 years. I was born 18 years after World War Two ended. When you start pulling out the thread of time like this it really makes you think.

It doesn’t actually make me feel old. It makes me feel privileged  to have come this far.

I don’t say the prayers at occasions like this any more but it’s so wonderful to be part of a gathering and coming together of all ages and all faiths. It gives you a real sense of humanity.

I’ve Been Very Deep Today


I say to my boys all of the time that I hope these remembrance services continue for many years to come. On the tv news this afternoon someone said the passage of time will eventually stop it all being remembered. They said that the big turmoil of The Napoleonic Wars {1803-15} wasn’t being remembered prior to The Great War. I think maybe we remember and commemorate like we do  because over the past 100 years the world has become more informed and connected.

I took two photos today. The first one of Tom Dresser and the second one of Stan Hollis. Both men were awarded the Victoria Cross for bravery.

Midlife _Musings _Lest _We_ Forget _100 _Years _2018

They shall grow not old as we that are left grow old.

Age shall not weary them nor the years condemn.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning; we will remember them”




  1. Snap. My post this week was about my hero who would have been 100 years young this month. Yes, we should never forget the sacrifices made. Men were lead by donkeys. How things have changed in warfare.

  2. / 2:39 pm

    I find it remarkable to be in villages and see war memorials bearing many names. The impact of the war on people’s psyches must have been horrendous.

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