My First Solo Speaking Event … ‘Midlife Banter’

The charity I was supporting was The Daisy Chain Project. I donated the fee they were prepared to pay me back to them. They did however pay for my mum and mum in law's afternoon tea. This post also contains some affiliate links.They do not cost you anything. Please read more about them in my disclaimer here.



It’s been a while .. sorry! The times I’ve wanted to get back to my blog but life gets in the way. Here goes though, something I was up to recently …


At the beginning of the year I was invited to be  the solo guest speaker for a ladies day afternoon tea event by a local charity. I asked them why they wanted me. They said that they loved my blog and the fact that I speak about midlife on my social media posts. That they thought their audience would enjoy what I might have to say. Initially, I refused. I mean, blogging isn’t my job, it’s my hobby. Having a blog and posting on social media is a LOT different to standing up in front of people and talking about it all in real life. It was okay though, “think about it, no need give us an answer straightaway.”

I was really shocked and surprised that anyone would want to listen to me. A bit like when the lovely Body Shop girls picked me for their local, inspirational woman for #IWD2019.

All very overwhelming to be honest.

Over the weeks I was completely torn. One, by nerves at the thought of speaking in front of a room full of people  and two by sharing how I feel about this stage of my life. That midlife certainly doesn’t mean our lives are over as women. I was really pulled.

When they got back in touch about 3 weeks later to ask had I decided, I went for it. This was February and the gig wasn’t until late May so I had ages to prepare myself. So I thought. Yeah, right! Remember I’m the world’s worst procrastinator, too.

But really, what was the worst that could happen to me?

I often have to do presentations in my day job. I can talk all day about Google Analytics and SEO but this. This was the spotlight on me and all my own thoughts. Nobody else’s words.

What was the worst that could happen to me?

I decided a large chunk of it was going to be about my menopause journey. I hadn’t written about it in a while although I’d storied a fair bit on Instagram.

I get lots of messages  particularly on Instagram when I do so I thought the audience would find that an interesting topic for conversation. Even for those too young to be going through it yet. Everyone needs educating about the menopause. I feel very strongly about this.



I was so nervous at the actual event that I never got to eat my afternoon tea. Those who know me well know that I never pass up an opportunity to eat cake!

I’ve had a terrible problem with stuttering and not being able to string some sentences together  {menopause again} and I was worried sick that I would really balls it up.

Prompt cards don’t help as they do in most situations so I decided that I would tell the truth and say right at the beginning why I needed sheets of notes. Bullet points just don’t cut it anymore for me 😉

There was a great age range and a mixture of corporate and private supporters of the charity.

Topics I ended up speaking about were:

Imposter Syndrome, Anxiety, My Menopause Journey {obvs} , Media’s Portrayal Of Midlife, Ageism In The Workplace, Having Friends Of All Ages, Reinventing Yourself, Staying Visible.




Do you know what happened?  The minute I started speaking my nerves completing disappeared. When you are passionate about something it’s often the way. They’d ask me to speak for around 45 minutes which petrified me. In the end I could have gone on much longer. I got such great vibes from the audience. It’s hypnotic when people laugh and nod in agreement with what you are saying .. and like your banter!


I dedicated the talk at the end to my mum { in the white t-shirt above}. At almost 77 she’s always saying how she  feels invisible and always reminding me never to be the same. It makes me sad to hear her say that so I wanted her to take something positive away, too.

Thankyou so much to my friends, mother in law and both my sisters in law who came to support me. It meant the world to me to have them there.

Who wants to book me next?

I’m calling it my ‘One Woman Midlife Banter Show’

Playing now at a venue near you!!


My top takeaway from this … if you get asked to do anything that scares you go for it. Nothing wonderful ever comes from staying inside out comfort zones as they say. I wanted to do it again straightaway after. I’ve said yes in my 50’s to more things than I have  throughout the rest of my adult life.

‘Braver than ever in midlife’ is my mantra.

Will you make it yours, too?



Outfit Details .. I wanted to wear something that I felt comfortable in.

Teal pom pom dress I bought from JD Williams Summer 2018 now sold out but still currently in the pink colour I was torn by.

My lush Kurt Geiger Rainbow bag.

My favourite neon pink espadrilles, too from Air & Grace. Currently with 30% off.

This outfit was my super power. We all need an outfit like this, don’t we?





The charity I was supporting was The Daisy Chain Project. I donated the fee they were prepared to pay me back to them. They did however pay for my mum and mum in law's afternoon tea. This post also contains some affiliate links.They do not cost you anything. Please read more about them in my disclaimer here.


  1. Nancy
    / 7:26 am

    So when will you be a guest at The Graham Norton show? Haha, good on you! Congretulations! Next time do enjoy the cake!

    • Sharon Sinclair.Williams
      / 9:56 am

      Ha ha Nancy I’ll let you know when they come calling!!! xo

  2. / 11:07 am

    Great to see you back here and well done you for stepping out of your comfort zone. What an exhilarating feeling that must have been and you deserve to feel proud of yourself.
    Regards – Jill stylishatsixty

    • Sharon Sinclair.Williams
      / 10:01 am

      Thanks so much, Jill. It felt good I’ve got to say xo

  3. Hilary
    / 3:21 pm

    Hi Sharon you look fabulous and I bet your talk was amazing too. Good to see you back on the blog, we’ve missed you!!

    • Sharon Sinclair.Williams
      / 10:01 am

      I appreciate your support, Hilda … very much xo

  4. Jacky Cumberland
    / 4:59 pm

    I agree with your mantra! At the age of 51 I was offered a secondment to Norway, leaving husband, job, friends behind. I really struggled with myself – always wanted to live abroad by on my own! At 51!

    Anyway I took the leap 6 months ago and it’s been great, husband comes over every two weeks or I go home for long weekend. I love the freedom, the new culture – everything. Still have moments of ‘what the hell am I doing’ but overall don’t regret it.

    I’ve missed your blogs, love your fashion sense, keep at it 🙂

    • Sharon Sinclair.Williams
      / 10:00 am

      Wow what an adventure for you Jacky. Love stories like this.

      I have good list of stuff I’ve done since being 50 but need to keep going.

      It’s brill isn’t it?

      Thanks for the blog love … much appreciated xo

  5. / 8:48 pm

    Good for you for doing something scary! I know how hard that can be – I hate that feeling when the date grows closer and you start hoping the world will just end before you have to Do The Thing, ha ha…but in the end, those are often the things we feel most proud of…and want to do again!

    AND loving the teal dress on you!


    • Sharon Sinclair.Williams
      / 9:58 am

      I think we all have the same fears don’t we Bettye but that feeling of pure elation when we’ve embraced it. Boy!!

      This was a dress I feel really comfy in … a great buffet dress as they say!! xo

  6. / 9:34 am

    Well done Sharon. I know exactly how you felt. I was interviewed on a tv show recently and on a radio show and I was dead nervous initially. I get what you mean… my memory has really suffered and I am doing everything I can to look after it. Also I could get up in front of classes of teenagers and teach but hated giving speeches to my peers. Feel the fear and do it anyway..

    • Sharon Sinclair.Williams
      / 9:57 am

      It’s funny isn’t what can be achieved by stepping out of that comfort zone isn’t it Hilda? Feel the fear!!! xo

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