Oh How I Love Halloween!


It doesn’t seem too long ago that I would be getting excited this week about the run up to one of my favourite times of the year .. Halloween. Oh how I loved and still love Halloween!

My boys are grown up and no longer interested in me getting excited about carving out pumpkins and apple bobbing. They humour me, good heartedly, when I still give them a bag of M&S chocolate ghosts each.

It also means that Christmas isn’t too far away. I’m exactly the same at Christmas. I drive everyone bonkers.

My Halloween parties were renowned in our neighbourhood. I went all out for it. In fact, about 20 years ago I remember ordering a CD from HMV with the creepiest tunes. They had to ship it from America. See — I was ahead of the game.

It had spooky sounds on it like ‘The Monster Mash’ — remember that?

If you’re old enough that is!

Every year for quite a few years I turned our garage into a dungeon. Even the mums and dads occasionally got into the spirit of it by dressing up, too. All of my food was themed. I made all sorts of stuff like chocolate coffins and ghostly meringues. I used to put jelly snakes in the bottom of cherryade — snakes in blood!!

Secretly, I think I enjoyed it more than the kids.

I miss it. I still get happy, though, seeing all the amazing stuff you can buy.

I used to spend the whole day of October 31st dressing up the house and garage with witches brooms and cobwebs. I even had a life size skeleton.

Sadly, it’s all gone.

I think Mr Bbed must have taken it all to the tip when we last moved house! Party pooper!

If I was going to do it now here’s some of the Halloween decorations I might buy and recipes I would most surely try. That’s how much I love it — I’m even writing on my blog about it!! LOL!!

Pumpkin Party Orange & Black Decorations


Halloween Creatures Balloons


Scary Spider Cookies

Marshmallow Eyeballs


Haunted Pizza


Bug Smoothies


What about this beauty to greet your visitors? I follow this fabulous Etsy store owner on Instagram – The Big Door Wreath Company. Her wreaths are BIG and fabulous and this one is ..

A Skull Called ‘Janice’


Finally, here’s a photo I dug out of my two little devils. I think they were about aged 7 and 4 on here. So that’s 15 years ago …  EEKKK!! That flew!! Happy times.


Do you love Halloween as much as me even though your kids have flown the nest? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

“Happy Halloween”



  1. / 9:38 am

    I am so jealouse of you all out there who celebrate Halloween. I live in the Netherlands and we don’t do anything here. And I love it so much! So have a fabulous Halloween!

    • Sharon Sinclair.Williams
      / 6:34 pm

      Maybe you’ll have to start the trend, Nancy! xo

  2. / 7:57 pm

    Ahhhh haha this is fantastic !! Thank you so much for mentioning “Janice” she’s a cracker isn’t she ??☠️

    I really really love Halloween, I mean, how could you not! We always had epic Halloween parties when I was little and I fully intend to have humungous parties for my kiddies every single year. This year my 9 year old has the whole class coming round on 31st. I decorate the whole downstairs and the front garden (neighbours think I’m bonkers but who cares?) Janice will be hanging pride of place on my front door along with several rats and gazillions of spiders etc. I have decorated some of my pumpkins already with neon pink spray paint and gold leaf, will carve the bigger ones nearer the time. Have a fab Halloween xx

    • Sharon Sinclair.Williams
      / 10:18 pm

      You are welcome, Alison — she is a stunner! I wish I lived a bit closer to you — I’m loving the sound of your Halloween festivities!! xo

  3. / 1:09 pm

    The kids love halloween but i can definitely take or leave it. Mind you some of those decs are pretty darn stylish

    • Sharon Sinclair.Williams
      / 1:21 pm

      Thats the thing, Cat — it is so stylish now or at least can be. Happy Halloween!!

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