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Do You Believe In Setting Goals For Something You Want To Achieve?

Kurt Geiger Kensington Rainbow Bag £199 GOALS Do you ever set yourself a goal or a series of goals? I’m a big to do list maker. I have a daily one, a weekly one and also a general one which…

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Not Being Negative Here But Being Excluded Ain’t A Nice Feeling

I’ve never wanted my blog or my social channels to be negative places. I can get negativity most places any day of the week but I don’t want it here. This is my happy place. But then I thought, c’mon…

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What It’s Like Being A Woman In Your Fifties

Generally, when people meet me they are surprised I’m in my mid fifties. I’ll be 55 in May. I don’t think it’s because I’m particularly ‘young’ looking although I’m happy with how I look. I think it’s more about my…

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Why ARE Over 50’s So Poorly Represented By Brands & The Media?

My intention was for this post to be all about the love of my new red boots and handbag. You see, I love fashion and despite what you may have been lead to believe it’s highly unlikely that the passion…

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