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How To Get Through The Empty Nest Phase Of Parenting

I’m sharing this now because we’ve been through the empty nest phase of parenting and I know very soon they’ll be more parents experiencing what…

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Phenomenal At Fifty Bloggers Talking About A Taboo Subject

I was recently invited to a ‘Phenomenal At Fifty’ event in London specifically for bloggers over the age of 50. The brand doing the inviting…

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Falling In & Out Of Midlife Love With M&S Fashion

It’s no secret. We all know the world and his dog has fallen in and out of love with M&S fashion over what seems like…

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Really Good Books I Still Haven’t Read

I got a stash of really good books for Christmas that I’d actually asked for. I wanted them. I promised myself I would start my…

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Thank God I’ve Never Been Mutton Shamed — Yet!

Isn’t the term ‘mutton shaming’ horrible? It seems to be a phrase coined from a New York Times article that started doing the rounds at…

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Am I The Valentine Grinch?

I feel as if I must be the Valentine grinch here when I say this but I hate Valentine’s Day! There – I’ve said it.…

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