Phenomenal At Fifty Bloggers Talking About A Taboo Subject


I was recently invited to a ‘Phenomenal At Fifty’ event in London specifically for bloggers over the age of 50. The brand doing the inviting was Tena Lady and the  taboo subject was living with bladder weakness.


I’ve got to be honest when I first read over the invitation I thought it was a tad stereotypical to mention the words ’50 plus’ and ‘bladder weakness’ in the same sentence.

That was until I did a little research and realised maybe I was misinformed.

I decided that I wanted to be part of something that could help open this taboo subject up for discussion.

The first part of the event took place at the fabulous Ampersand Hotel in South Kensington. We were greeted with a glass of bubbly and I got the chance to meet the other bloggers who had been invited along. It was very informal and the 7 of us hit it off from the get go.


Anna McCrory who is Tena Lady’s  senior brand manager kicked off the event by explaining the statistics and data around bladder weakness.

  • 49% of all women are experiencing some level of bladder weakness at any one time but they are aware from their research that not everyone admits to the problem so real figure could be even higher.
  • Ages of women affected start at the age of 18 and go right through life.

I’m lucky in that this particular problem hasn’t affected me — yet. It could be something to do with the fact that I  gave birth to my two kids by Caesarean and so my internal bits and pieces haven’t been affected in the same way but this isn’t a get out of jail free card.  It will affect me at some point. I can’t escape reality and biology.

I suppose it’s a taboo subject in the sense that everyone thinks bladder weakness is an age thing and we live in a culture where anything related to ageing  tends to be a source for ridicule.

Tena Lady are working hard to fight the myths and misconceptions and I am happy to spread the message from my little corner of the web. They have recently revamped their entry level pants with the help of lingerie designer, Ceri Williams. I wouldn’t hesitate to wear them if I needed to. Confidence is a big part of fighting any problem, after all.

As we quaffed more fizz  and  an afternoon tea style lunch was served we were then introduced to Ursuline who is a personal development coach. She gave us lots of tips and advice on dressing for success. This lady really knew her stuff. She’s also a qualified colour analyst, too and so we talked lots about what we thought suited us and how psychologically we choose to wear what we wear. All very interesting.

Next up we were whisked away by taxi to Duck and Dry in Chelsea for a spot of pampering in the form of a blow dry. Yes a blow dry! Apparently people do just have blow drys. I’m missing out here!


More champers was available but at this point I decided to decline. After all, I had to make my way back home to the North East and I don’t think Virgin Trains would’ve taken kindly to my singing or snoring or a combination of the two!

It did give us all chance to get to know each other a little more and we had a good chin wag and put the world to rights especially talking about the rise of the midlife bloggers. AMEN to that!


L-R – Tracey from Fighting Fifty, Lyn from The Lavender Barn, Denise fromThe 50 Plus Coach, Me, Afra from Mad Mum of 7 and Karen aka The Fabulous Miss K.

All so different BUT all so similar, too. I love this photo and the fact that you can see the lovely Camden and Alex from Myriad PR through the mirror.



I was invited by Tena Lady to this  blogger event in London. They didn't specify anything -  not even  to write this update about the day or the brand. As always these are my own thoughts and words about my experience. For more information on my disclosure policy please read here.


  1. Jan Wild
    June 15, 2017 / 5:22 am

    It is an important issue and you don’t need to have had children to have the bladder leakage problems. Why do we not talk about this more I wonder? Thanks for sharing and yes blow drys are a real thing 😉

    • Sharon Sinclair.Williams
      June 15, 2017 / 6:14 pm

      Thanks for stopping by again Jan 🙂 We just have to talk more to be able to talk more .. lol! I’d love a blow dry twice a week, please! xoxo

  2. Izzi
    July 8, 2017 / 9:14 pm

    Virgin Trains are actually quite nice about singing… I know this from my last bipolar flare 🙂 Seriously, yes, I haven’t had children at all but I discovered that with the menopause my bladder capacity seemed to decrease alarmingly. I used to be able to hang on for ages but now I’ve turned into an old dear and I won’t go anywhere unless I can suss out the loos first! I’m not quite at the stage of needing Tena but it’s nice to know that they’re not still selling those awful granny diapers from years ago.

    • Sharon Sinclair.Williams
      July 9, 2017 / 1:21 pm

      You haven’t heard my singing, Izzi. Only good for showers and churches — and that’s debateable! It’s good to know that breands are starting to wake up to improving things and most of all talking about taboo subjects. Part of which is down to the power of our blogging community xo

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