Have HRT Patches Ever Really Worked Properly For Me?

I literally couldn’t stop sobbing when the call ended. On Wednesday my GP called to discuss my latest blood test for my hormones. You might remember I wrote a couple of months ago about how my HRT stopped working. We’d…

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Celebrating My Menopause Journey & Not Past My Expiry Date

I was trying to be a bit different with my pics and realised inadvertently they turned out almost like ‘the many faces of my menopause journey’!!  Sometimes I want to hide  behind something as big as these lips. Who is…

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A Menopause Update: How My HRT Stopped Working

I thought I’d write another update about my menopause journey. 2021 from a hormones point of view hasn’t been that great for me. It took me a while to ask for help and to find out that potentially the way…

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MY GP Sent Me for A Brain Scan For My Menopause Symptoms

Yes, the headline is correct. You’re not seeing things. I had a brain scan for my menopause symptoms. I thought long and hard about unleashing this into the universe but I’ve decided that I want to try and help make…

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