How To Wear Trainers With Anything – Age Definitely Doesn’t Matter


There Is Nothing Like A Dame … In Trainers.

Isn’t It Amazing That You  Can Wear Trainers With Anything Now?

Can I just say first up that I adore Emma Thompson? I’m sure if we met in real life we would be instant besties. I totally relate to her style for one thing. We’d have a hoot on a shopping trip. She totally wears what she loves and feels comfortable in as was clearly evident on her recent trip to Buck House. Rocking a care free, take me as you find me attitude in her Stella McCartney trouser suit and box fresh Stan Smiths. Go girl!

It shows to me that she wanted to feel confident at such a big moment and by wearing something that is ‘her’ she was able to feel supremely in her own skin for such a big life gig.

We’ve always been able to wear what we want but more the fact that there is so much more choice. Also, the fact that the more we see something the more we can be  ‘ Oh, I think I’ll  give that a go, too.’ That’s why age isn’t important with anything. it’s about style, attitude, sass and being comfortable in your own skin.

My trainers in these pictures were the ones I bought from New Look for my trip to Barcelona never even expecting them to be as comfortable as they were. There’s not a better feeling than being comfortable. I think I would say that’s my top confidence tip. If something is comfortable  it helps you feel good. If you feel good, thats when you exude confidence.

Best _Before _End _Date _in _Trainers _In _Barcelona

We’ve all been there haven’t we when a waistband is too tight or a shirt is pulling? If you have to fidget because of something then that’s what you end up focusing on and not enjoying yourself and being you. Just my opinion but it’s been garnered over many years of not being comfortable sometimes and so therefore not feeling confident.

Here’s Some More Trainers I Love & No. 5 I’ve Already Bought!


Best _Before _End _Date _Trainer _Top _Picks

  1. Black Embellished Low Top Trainers, Carvela At Kurt Geiger.
  2. Black Studded Low Top Trainers, Kurt Geiger.
  3. Black High Top Sock Trainers, Kurt Geiger.
  4. Rainbow Stripe Low Top Trainers, Kurt Geiger.
  5. Sorry – now unavailable. Look out for something similar because I have them and love them.
  6. Metallic Trainers With Star Detail, Keith Scarrott.
  7. Zebra Trainers With Star Detail, Keith Scarrott.
  8. Nike Air Safari, End Clothing.
  9. Lola Cruz, Leopard & Black Trainers, Atterley


Something to make you chuckle. I said I would attempt to up the fashion stakes by blogging more about my love of fashion. I mentioned in my blog awards vote post here.

So, here’s me replicating a trainer shoot from a photo I saw on Instagram or Pinterest ,.. can’t remember which so sorry not able to credit. It’s just the feet in trainers, small steps.  This is how they do it, right?

Which is me? 😉

Trainers _Fashion _Shoot _Best _Before _End _Date

And look … being a trend setter is in my DNA. Most of my style of choices are the biggest fall trend setters for 2018.

Whad’ya know?!!

Sharon xo

On A Side Note …

I’m excited to be flying the flag and championing the midlife demographic by announcing that I’m through to the voting round of UK Blog Awards 2019. How flipping brilliant is that? I’m in the lifestyle category and somehow in the fashion category .. I’ll take that though. Not complaining!!

Thankyou in advance beautiful people xo


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  1. / 11:50 am

    I never wear trainers other then for working out……until a girlfriend said: well, you wear your patent sneakers under dresses and skirts……oh….yes….forgotten, but patent sneakers are not really sneakers are they?

    • Sharon Sinclair.Williams
      / 1:38 pm

      What is a sneaker? I used to be the same and now with all the choices I love xo

    • Sharon Sinclair.Williams
      / 1:37 pm

      Don’t be sorry, Jill .. it’s completely having our own opinions that gives us our own individual style in my opinion. xo

    • Sharon Sinclair.Williams
      / 1:37 pm

      Let me know what you buy, Sam! xo

  2. / 11:41 pm

    I love being able to wear comfy trainers with anything these days…but really need to break myself out of my old school “athletic” sneakers into something just a little more jazzy!

    I saw those leopard ones you’re wearing in DSW a few weeks ago and feel deep deep in love…but that’d be a Big Leap for me…and I need to take Baby Steps 🙂


    • Sharon Sinclair.Williams
      / 10:02 pm

      Take the leap, Bettye!! xx

  3. / 7:41 pm

    Rebellion that starts with the feet, love it. I’m off to shop for a new pair and plan on having pink laces for them, and adding matching pink socks!

    • Sharon Sinclair.Williams
      / 10:00 pm

      Ooo let me know what you got, Katherine. I need pictures on Instagram? xo

  4. Susan
    / 1:25 pm

    I adore Emma Thompson too! And her hair here looks amazing!
    I have a pair of black leopard print Skechers that I wear a lot, particularly in the winter.
    That’s about as brazen as I plan to get, trainer-wise, since I love my boots and concentrate my scant purchasing dollars on them. Not averse to trainers, but the boots call my name!
    Your red coat looks amazing with those trainers though. I have a red hooded coat, and you have inspired me to try it out with my black Skechers.

    • Sharon Sinclair.Williams
      / 10:01 pm

      I’ve literally never had them off Susan; much like my red coat too. That’s what i do though. I’m a big boot lover too like you xo

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