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I love a designer bag and quite frankly, who doesn’t? I’ve got some new ones that are on my ‘bag heaven’ radar but I thought first up I’d share some of my all time favourites that I already own and that scream ‘me’. I’d never part with any of them.

My Lulu Guinness red lips clutch was a gift from Mr Bbed one Christmas several years ago now. I love a touch of quirkiness. I think it adds edge to any outfit no matter how ordinary.


Whenever I use the word ‘quirky’ it always makes me laugh to myself. Mr Bbed once found a red wine in Tesco called ‘Quirky Bird’ and its since become a favourite. It’s a lush, full bodied Shiraz. Like me!! It’s our ‘in joke’ now … quirky bird!!

This Luella Bartley bag with matching purse is over 14 years old. Isn’t she wearing well?


This was another gift from Mr Bbed for a milestone birthday. Luella Bartley designed for Mulberry and they were I believe the forerunners of some of the brand’s much loved designs. I love the Barbie pink.I don’t use it a great deal to be honest.I’ve always found it fairly fiddly to get in an out of but I adore it and I’d never part with it. It will be a family heirloom!


My Moschino shopper is about 4 years old. Purchased with birthday cash. I love that it has practically every colour in the fashion illustration that I could ever want to match up or even clash with. Often, I will use it for work too if I’m going to a meeting as I think it makes a great talking point. People who don’t know me will figure out there’s a fun side to me.

I have lots of bags of all shapes and sizes in my wardrobe but these are a selection of my most treasured.

I haven’t had a new designer bag for a long while. The ones I browse at longingly these days are unfortunately out of my price range. I could choose Gucci all day long.

I think the brand has transformed itself over the last couple of seasons and I would happily have any one of their bags. Who wouldn’t?

Here’s some of my current favourites.

Those of you who read my over kill matchy matchy leopard print post will know how much I would love this first bag —



I adore velvet so either of these would slide into my wardrobe effortlessly —


But this is my favourite —



My absolute bag of dreams though I have had on my wish list for some time. It’s the Anya Hindmarsh Ebury. I’ve always wanted it in black which they don’t seem to do any more — but I have drooled over it for a long time. I’d be happy with this silver version, though if anyone’s got a spare 2k, please!



I’d love to hear which designer brands you love! xo



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