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You Can Never Have Too Many Pairs Of Shoes

My husband will never understand why I have so many pairs of shoes and does he even need to? He thinks its one of those ‘Men are from Mars and women are from Venus’ things. The thing I love about…

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10 Embroidered Ankle Boots You Could Be Wearing For Autumn 2017

I’m a big fan of shopping my wardrobe. So it was with much excitement recently that I re-found a pair of embroidered ankle boots that were actually a Christmas gift last year. I’m not too bothered whether something is seen…

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My Bag Heaven

I love a designer bag and quite frankly, who doesn’t? I’ve got some new ones that are on my ‘bag heaven’ radar but I thought first up I’d share some of my all time favourites that I already own and…

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Breaking The Fashion Rules | Leopard Print Over Kill Outfit

For a long time I’d been building up in my mind about doing an outfit post. There were a few hurdles I had to get over first, though. When will I lose enough weight for starters to feel confident enough?…

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