Comedy Night At Tyne Bank Brewery In Aid Of Rape Crisis

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The older I get the stronger I feel about women’s issues than I ever have. For a while now I’ve been championing the problems that women face where I live in the North East of England. I feel it’s important to do what I can no matter how small, especially to pave the way for the younger generation.

Until recently I ran a Facebook group where women from across the North could come and share their experiences and talk about all manner of problems that they were facing in their day to day lives.

I am also the creator of the hashtag #ThisNorthernGirlCan. I set this up so that Northern women of all ages could use it as a way to share positivity amongst each other, to connect and to talk up the North and themselves.

Through my interactions with many, many women I became aware of problems and issues that really, I had no idea of. I read the news online, I watch the local news, I read posts on social media. Until you have that conversation with someone who has real hard core experience of something, until then it doesn’t really sink in. Do you agree?

When we are all living our lives as we do we have no idea of the sorts of things that other people are going through.

Until something touches you personally you really have no perception of real some struggles are.

Like rape.

It’s a word I don’t even like typing.

We’ve all become so much more aware though haven’t we especially now because of the infamous #MeToo campaign?

It’s not to say we all need to suffer rape so that we can understand it. Part of the beauty of being human is that we are all in varying degrees able to empathise and feel compassion for someone who has had a harrowing experience.

What is so abhorrent to me is how issues like abuse and rape are not diminishing.

There is some amazing work going on, though. Take for example, Rape Crisis Tyneside and Northumberland. In November they are celebrating 40 years of supporting women and girls who have experienced sexual violence.

They have an ambitious target of raising £40,000 to mark their 40th year.

I was interested to learn that one of the ways in which they had decided to raise funds was by holding a female comedy night.

I’ve heard people say that women aren’t funny but do they even know me? Yes … women are funny. I am!! Have you watched my Instagram stories? I’m a talent waiting to be discovered .. in my world. 😉

My family would say I’m cray cray but I think they mean funny. You’ve got to give kudos to these women though, who get up on a stage and are funny to order. Oh yes!!

You can let me have my moment though, can’t you?


The entire evening will be hosted by the fabulous Lou Conran.  If her name is on the programme, you can relax: you’re in for a good night.

Comedian, writer, actress, and regular guest host of Guilty Feminist Podcast, Jessica Fostekew will have you roaring with laughter.

Local lass, Sammy Dobson who is a regular supporter of the charity, makes an appearance.

Finally, Geordie and Best Newcomer Nominee at the Fringe in 2017 Lauren Pattison will headline the night. Fresh from taking her new show ‘Peachy’ to the Edinburgh Fringe, Lauren was previously a finalist in the BBC New Comedy Award 2016 and Chortle Student Comedy Awards 2015.

If you’re up for a night of fun and frivolity in the company of some amazing females then get on it and book your ticket here for Thursday 20th September.

There is never an excuse for sexual violence and the impact lasts much longer than the event. Rape Crisis Tyneside & Northumberland helpline is there to listen and support.  Tel 0800 035 2794.




This post is sponsored by Rape Crisis Tyneside & Northumberland. For more information on my disclosure policy please read here.

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  1. September 6, 2018 / 11:03 am

    Great post and a worthy cause. PS. I think you are hilarious. xx

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