Lockdown Overnight Spa Break At Rudding Park


Lockdown Overnight Spa Break At Rudding Park

Woo hoo! Get me! Finally writing my first blog post since April. I won’t go into the details of why I haven’t blogged, safe to say that I felt our little post lockdown overnight spa break to Rudding Park earned a mention.

I booked this as a treat for me and Mr B as part of his September birthday celebrations. Having not been able to go far because of the lockdown restrictions I thought that as Harrogate was only a 40 minute drive from us that we would be able to go. Although his birthday was September we took this trip in October 2020.

We spent six days in the Cotswolds last month that I promise I will also write about. I thought If I can get back into finding some time to write in here and start with my Rudding Park review then that would be me getting back to blogging. I’ve missed it so much.

Here goes ….

Oh also, I don’t have many photos to share. I wanted us to have a complete wind down and not be constantly on our phones. I think you’ll get the drift of our experience, though.


Rudding Park is a privately owned luxury hotel and spa on the outskirts of the North Yorkshire town of Harrogate. I’d wanted to go there for a while as I’d heard and read that it was the place to visit with it’s iconic roof top spa pool.

On the day we arrived it was raining like only it does in the North of England but it didn’t dampen our spirits. We were looked after from the minute we arrived at the front door. Nothing was too much trouble. They had implemented their COVID rules to military precision and managed to normalise everything. We were also told about the hotel’s app which I immediately downloaded. Within seconds of something being charged to your room it appears in the billing area of the app using the card you’d booked the trip on. This proved very useful at checkout as it meant the whole experience  was completely contactless.

We were swiftly shown to our room and what felt like seconds later there was a knock at the door. We were greeted with a complimentary bottle of chilled prosecco for the birthday boy. Nice touch.

The only niggle we both had at this stage was the room. Although absolutely spotless and with what we later found out also a very comfortable bed, it was, in Mr B’s words ‘ a bit boring.’ It seemed a little dated and despite there being lots of contemporary artwork all over the hotel, our room had just one lone sad picture of daffodils. It looked as if it was a throw back from maybe before the place had had it’s last makeover.

Loved the little touch of the hotel’s own design of face mask.

We quaffed the fizz and immediately felt our shoulders drop as we both started to relax. We quickly unpacked and undressed and got into our towelling robes that were hanging in the wardrobe awaiting us with the obligatory spa slippers.

We had a treatment booked for 2pm so we made our way to the spa. The entrance is stunning.


We chilled out immediately and sat for a while in one of the experience rooms and enjoyed a cup of fruit tea and a read of our books.


We were called separately for our treatments. I’d booked us both a brightening boost. It consisted of an exfoliation body scrub followed by a massage that culminated in a fabulous head massage. I’d hoped it was the type of spa where you could have your treatment laid side by side but sadly we were separated.

When we met up again afterwards we both confirmed we were shattered; but in a good way.

Then we were taken up or down { I wasn’t paying attention, I was in totally in my own little world by this time} to the roof top relaxation area. This is the part of the spa that you hear and read people rave about. I was surprised how busy it was for a late Monday afternoon. We couldn’t get a seat in the main area.

However, we spotted the outdoor cabana was empty so we ran outside like naughty kids in our robes through the rain to it. We ordered some drinks; a glass of rosé for me and a cider for Mr B and had a lovely half hour or so in here reading our books some more and putting our world to rights.

Photo credit: Rudding Park



I tried my best to get a photo at an angle that wouldn’t compromise anyone’s privacy! There’s something about warm water and the outdoors.

Here’s the birthday boy living his best life!


Reminds me of our Iceland trip and the Blue Lagoon.

We got luckier still and found this smaller jacuzzi in a secluded corner of the roof. We had it all to ourselves for at least 40 minutes. Super chilled time.


By the time we got back to our room we were ravenous and excitedly thinking about dinner. No pictures but safe to say everything about it from the minute we entered the restaurant was spot on. We mirrored each other’s food choice which was really bizarre as we don’t usually. Maybe we were so relaxed we were channelling each other’s thoughts ha ha!

Here’s what  we chose:

Roasted white onion soup with a Yorkshire blue cheese rarebit crumpet

Fillet steak with peppercorn sauce, flat mushrooms, plum tomato, skin-on fries and rocket

We did part ways on the choice of dessert though. I had chocolate brownie with salted caramel icecream and he had pear and blackberry crumble.

Wine choice for the evening was I think, if I remember correctly, a bottle of Australian Shiraz and dinner was completed with coffee and homemade petit fours.  

Are you hungry? I am, just writing and thinking about this again!

Back at the room with our bed having been turned down we were soon as snug as little bugs. I think it was one of the earliest nights we’d had in a long time.

Breakfast the next morning was just as on par.

Everything about our foodie experience was pretty perfect. I have never seen so many staff. Customer service is clearly something Rudding Park excels at. They manage to make you feel all safe and secluded and looked after.

I wish we could’ve stayed longer but to go back onto the roof top spa area was going to be another £80 for a couple of hours and as lovely as it was I didn’t think it was worth that. I felt as if a complimentary hour or two the next morning would’ve just been the icing on the cake.

Time to go off back to real life, COVID style. On the drive home the radio was telling us our town was possibly going into tighter lockdown restrictions. Back to 2020 reality, hey?

Here’s a picture I took of the hotel’s reception area just as we were leaving. The pull to want to stay was a strong one.


So there we have it. A little bit of escapism for us in the form of a little lockdown overnight spa break to Rudding  Park.

Have you been to Rudding Park? Tell me about your stay in the comments.

I’d love to hear all about your favourite spa and/or hotel. Closer to home is going to be a thing yet for a while isn’t it?

Lots of love and stay safe  

Sharon xo



  1. October 25, 2020 / 7:50 pm

    I am so pleased you are back! Hope all is well with you and whatever it was you’ve all come through it OK. Your spa break looks lovely, the daughter keeps suggesting a mother-daughter spa break but I think she expects bank of mother to pay for it…. still as we are probably moving sometime soonish down to the North of England from Scotland and she is studying in Leeds, that looks a very good possibility….

    • Sharon Sinclair.Williams
      October 26, 2020 / 12:37 pm

      Thanks, Juliet. All well over here. Our business has been growing fast this year and no time for blogging and little time for Instagram. I do miss writing more than anything and I have so much I want to say about everything! I’m hoping to get back to at least once a week .. fingers crossed.

      It sounds like a plan … a mum and daughter spa break. Remind me when the bank of mum and dad stops being a thing? ??

  2. Justine
    October 30, 2020 / 10:50 am

    Thank you for the lovely post, I have missed you.

    • Sharon Sinclair.Williams
      October 30, 2020 / 12:31 pm

      That’s so nice, Jean .. thankyou 🙂

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