How To Make A Kitschmas Front Door Wreath


I’m just going to start this post by saying anyone can make this Kitschmas front door wreath and I mean anyone. I’m not a crafty person at all so when I say it’s easy you know I mean it.

Making a front door wreath for Christmas is something I’ve done for many, many years. I’ve made all types, too. I think there’s  nothing more therapeutic  than blasting out the Christmas tunes, gingerbread latte in one hand, spending a simple few hours getting creative.

We usually have three Christmas trees; the sitting room, the snug and the dining room. I already knew that the tree that was I was going to put  in the sitting room window was going to be extra. It’s the big bay window that looks out onto the road. Throughout Lockdown 1 I had this fabulous poster in the window supporting our wonderful NHS. So many people stopped and chatted about it and I felt it put a real smile on everyone’s faces so I decided to do something similar with the Christmas tree.


There’ll be a post coming up very soon about the tree 

As I said, with my plan for the tree I wanted the wreath this year to be as special.

I bought a kit online back in October that included all the items you need to make a kitsch wreath. Not particularly to make a Christmas one but I knew my version would use lots of baubles and tinsel which the kit didn’t have. I’ve got to admit the contents of the kit were a bit of a let down but it did give me the inspiration I needed for what I wanted mine to look like.

Just before Lockdown 2 which took place here in the UK on November 5th I was manically looking around the shops for tinsel and baubles Safe to say I was happy with my finds.

This was my box of tricks 3 Saturdays ago. The wreath ring which I forgot to take a picture of – can’t you tell I’m no crafter/teacher? – was polystyrene  and was 30cms diameter. This along with the glue gun and 30 glue sticks came with the kit I’d ordered.

How _To_Make_ Kitschmas_Front_Door_Wreath_2

First up, I wrapped the tinsel all the way around the wreath ring. I used two regular lengths of tinsel to achieve this nice fluffy finish. I quite liked it even just like this.

How _To_Make_ Kitschmas_Front_Door_Wreath_4

Then it was time to set the glue gun up. This was surprisingly easy although I did burn my fingertips a couple of times. I’ll repeat …

I’m no crafter!!

How _To_Make_ Kitschmas_Front_Door_Wreath_5

Then it was time to add the ornaments. I started with the doll and larger toys. The doll took several attempts to stick. To begin with I wasn’t sure how much glue to use. You need a lot!

How _To_Make_ Kitschmas_Front_Door_Wreath_3

The round baubles were from B&M and the tinsel from Asda. The other baubles were also a mixture of B&M, Asda and second hand shop finds. The doll was a special find by a friend after I sent a WhatsApp message out to a friends group saying I needed broken dolls!!

The ‘you’ve got mail’ ornament I thought was apt for Christmas 2020 as it will be mostly our postie who sees it!

How _To_Make_ Kitschmas_Front_Door_Wreath_6

Finally, I made a little hook at the top  with florist’s wire for hanging the wreath and ….


I added some battery fairy lights as I do to everything … don’t stand still in this house for too long in December  is the family joke.

I think it’s a bit marmite don’t you?  But she’s mine and I love her!

Mr B thinks it looks like something Sid out of Toy Story would make. Mmmm  … a  symptom of 2020 imagination?


Next time if I made another Kitschmas wreath I’d go  much bigger. Now it’s time for my 2020 Christmas tree.

What do you think? Do you make a Christmas wreath? I’d love to hear about your crafty Christmas projects.

Lots of Kitschmas love and stay safe  

Sharon xo



  1. December 13, 2020 / 9:04 pm

    Love the wreath and how funny you should say you are not creative…my mother always said/says she’s not either but I guess she equates creative with being able to draw, when it comes to putting things together, then like you she is very creative – she has that knack, especially with interiors or fashion etc. I particularly like Prosecco Barb – she looks very friendly and in the mood already

    • Sharon Sinclair.Williams
      December 16, 2020 / 7:50 pm

      I love that name for her, Juliet … Prosecco Barb!!! Bit like me ,, friendly and in the mood ?

  2. Michelle Springer
    December 16, 2020 / 8:19 pm

    But… But… It’s so much nicer than anything Sid would’ve done! ?
    You are seriously giving me inspiration for next year when I’m at my Mom’s!❤

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