Victorian Reno/My Home Vibe

We Decided to Move House In Midlife … Our Victorian Renovation Is Documented Here


Adding New Pictures To My Sitting Room Gallery Wall

Back in April I introduced you to my Instagram inspired gallery wall in our sitting room. Our Victorian nest continues to be a work in…

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Can You Really Compare Aldi Candles With Jo Malone Candles?

Can you compare Aldi candles with the Jo Malone real deal candles? I’m going to share with you what I think about the hype. I’m…

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In Love With My Trendy Copper Wire Tables Purchase From Aldi

If you’ve been following my little blog you’ll remember that we are slowly renovating our Victorian home where we’ve lived for nearly two years. It’s…

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The Story Of My Instagram Inspired Gallery Wall & The Pink Flamingo

You can’t be on every social media platform, right? More than three and you could be classed as addicted and for a long time Instagram…

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Why I Couldn’t Buy A Sofa Online

Why I couldn’t buy a sofa online isn’t as complicated a statement as you might think. We have lived in our current home, a Victorian…

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